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A Midnight Review: Hard Candy

Magnolia E.D.W. Mulqueen/Jan 15th, 2017 -- So I was on YouTube earlier this evening when I came across the video titled “Ten Movies You Can't Watch Twice,” by the channel Screen Time. Basically, it listed movies that though well made, are... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Review: I am Not a Serial Killer

Magnolia E.D.W. Mulqueen/Dec 21st, 2016 -- I must say, whenever I'm watching a movie that I discovered entirely from scouring Netflix for something to entertain me, I go in with a very cynical predisposition, picking at every little detail that... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Review: Contracted

    Magnolia E.D.W. Mulqueen/Dec 17th, 2016 -- I feel like I need to preface this particular review by saying that I do not like most scary movies. Not because they are too scary for me or anything, you know... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Review: INDIGNATION

rowan livengood/Nov 22, 2016 -- The movie opens to a narration from Marcus (our main character) about how there are reasons we die, and how we have personally made decisions to lead to our inevitable death. Which is pretty good... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Review: Splice

    Magnolia E.D.W Mulqueen/Nov 5th, 2016 -- Ever since I was nine years old and my older cousin showed me the trailer, Splice has been a movie that sparked great curiosity with in me. From what I had gathered... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Review: Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

    Magnolia E.D.W. Mulqueen/June 4th 2016 -- The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed by John Gondry is a movie that one going into watch blindly would believe is surely a comedy. Seeing as to how it has... Continue Reading →

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